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Use a Glass Cake Dome as a Terrarium

In my last post, I mentioned my love for Macodes petola. Jewel Orchids like this are tiny plants with ornate leaves. Unlike other Orchids, which are grown for their flowers, Jewel Orchid flowers are actually quite plain. For them, it’s all about the foliage.

When I got a few, I immediately had a problem. Where to put them? Their natural habitat is the tropical forest floor, which means they like low light and high humidity, so they’re good candidates for a terrarium (for the humidity) somewhere away from a window.

After looking at dozens of incredibly ugly cloches and terraria, I hit upon an idea: a glass cake dome.

jewel orchids in cake dome

I lined the bottom of it with rocks so that the lid was a little higher to increase air flow. I placed the Jewel Orchids in some bark and moss in a shallow terra cotta pot inside. And then I put the whole thing on a shelf a good seven feet from the nearest window.

So far, they’re very happy. If they do eventually flower, I may have to find something taller, but for now it’s perfect.

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