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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Turn Mugs into Succulent Planters


Inspired by Far Out Flora’s succulent containers, I’ve been keeping an eye out for interesting ceramic doodads I could use as planters. So when I saw these Star Wars mugs in the window of a local comic shop, I knew what I had to do. Star Planters!

I didn’t want to risk cracking them by drilling holes, so I decided to use them indoors. I just have to remember to water sparingly. Each got a layer of rocks at the bottom to keep the roots out of any standing water, and a bit of charcoal which is supposed to help eliminate odors. Basically, I planted them like terraria.

Since they’re going to live indoors, my selection of plants was limited. Many of the Echeveria I love won’t be happy indoors, but Kalanchoes are unstoppable, so I got a couple at Flora Grubb. I selected them primarily for color. The stormtrooper got Kalanchoe pumila and Boba Fett got Kalanchoe tubiflora.

I have one more mug to plant, but I’m saving it for something special. Darth Vader won’t tolerate just anything growing on his head.

UPDATE: I finally found the perfect plant for Darth: an Echeveria ‘Black Knight’. This plant wants to be outside, so I drilled holes in the bottom of the mug. He’s more plant than man, now!

Darth Echeveria

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