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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

They Grow Up So Fast

One of the things I like about plants is that they teach patience. Still, you have to remind yourself to keep track of their growth because it happens so slowly. If you don’t, you’ll hardly notice some really interesting changes.

I got these two Echeverias about six months ago from the tiny succulents table at Flora Grubb. (Update: Flora Grubb tweeted to say the left plant is likely Graptoveria, which is a Graptopetalum/Echeveria hybrid, and the right is Echeveria secunda. Thanks, Flora!) I planted them each in pots that were too big for them, hoping they’d grow in. And they did! The top photos were taken just after planting …


… and the bottom photo was taken just a few days ago. I love seeing the differences that just six months of growth can bring.

The plant on the left has kept its basic colors, but became much more chalky. And the pink tips turned into those strange circles. I still don’t know that caused that. Some have suggested water damage, but the circles don’t appear where water collects. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t seem to be hurting the plant and I even kinda like it.

The plant on the right has changed from very flat leaves to leaves that curl upwards, and the color has become more blue over time. Even the leaf edges seems different: more round and less curvy.

Mostly I’m just happy that, for once, I seem to have put plants in pots of the right size. They grew in perfectly and I probably won’t have to repot them for another year.

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