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Philodendron gloriosum is Glorious

Philodendron gloriosumI absolutely love my Philodendron gloriosum. It took me a while to find a spot he liked (near the window, but not too near) and get the watering right, but now he’s growing like crazy and sends out one new leaf after another.

And this guy really wants to travel. He’s not a climber like some Philodendron – he’s a spreader. Each new leaf first grows horizontally at or under the soil surface, hits the edge of the container, and then juts upward. Someday I’ll have to give him a much wider pot.

A couple weeks ago when I saw a new leaf spike emerge, I set the PlantCam on him and waited. When the new leaves emerge it is all I can do to not poke at them to help them along. Fortunately, this time I was out of town for a lot of the time, so I wasn’t tempted.

This video includes about two weeks of growth. The camera shot one photo every five minutes during daylight. I think it proves why they call this one “gloriosum.”

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1 Response

Great video, Looks like it’s struggeling to open until you remember the time frame covered here.

Thanks for posting it!

Posted by Danny Ellis on 26 February 2011 @ 8pm


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