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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Updates from the Gasmsphere*

It’s nice to know that someone besides me is reading. Here are a few updates from Plantgasm readers.

lithops planter, windowsilllithops planter, windowsilllithops planter, end view

After I posted the Make a Lithops Planter project, friend of Plantgasm Myla Kent made one! It looks great. I like how the stones she chose stand out from the Lithops a bit.

Impregnated Amaryllis by jesshibb on Flickr

After I suggested you Let Your Amaryllis Seed, reader Jessica Hibbard did! Hers are now nice and plump. Mine, unfortunately, not so much. Maybe next year. Jessica, here’s what you’ll need to do next.

Have you tried anything we’ve suggested here on Plantgasm? Do tell!

* I sincerely apologize for coining the word “gasmsphere” and promise never to use it again. Probably.

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4 Responses

First, I’m glad you’ve enabled comments, and I love your guidelines. We ought to all crib mercilessly from them, although my commenters are a lovely bunch, and I’m rigourous about spam.

Now, I’ve been behind the eightball in reading the past few weeks, because of work obligations, but when I landed here and saw the lithops planter I got very excited. My plants are currently sharing a wonderful terracotta planter with some other succulents, and I think I shall liberate them and give them their own place to showcase their mesmerizing handsome selves. First, it has to stop storming here so I can get supplies, but hopefully this week. I have a splendid black pottery dish that I think will be just the thing for them.

Posted by jodi (bloomingwriter) on 28 February 2011 @ 7pm

Derek! Thank YOU for all of the wonderful inspiration, I love what you’re doing with Plantgasm.

Your creativity and design sense are truly inspiring on so many levels, I always look forward to seeing what you’re going to post next.

I think more folks would integrate plants and succulents especially into their interior landscapes if they knew how to do it so beautifully. Thank you for showing me how.

Posted by myla kent on 1 March 2011 @ 2am

I’m beyond honored to see my mutant amaryllis seeds here. You posted that propagation info at the perfect time. Luckily my co-workers are very tolerant of my windowsill gardening experiments.

I agree with Myla — I love your designer-y approach to gardening. And the fact that you’re *not* a botanist makes your blog so much more enjoyable. Cheers!

Posted by Jess on 1 March 2011 @ 5am

I went and bought some houseplants, that’s what I did. A LOT of them. And I have gone succulent mad. I am still waffling as to whether the mystery echeveria is secunda or glauca. ^_^ and because of my houseplant success I’ve gotten motivated to beautify the yard, too. (I hate yards…I want to turn it into a native plant jungle but the HOA doesn’t)

Posted by melissa on 1 March 2011 @ 7am


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