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Let’s Play Guess The Seed!

Guess The Seed

I’m a compulsive seed-grabber. I just can’t help it. If I’m out in the world and I see a plant with ripe seeds, I’ll pocket a few. It’s what the seeds want. I tell Heather it’s not stealing, it’s propagating.

Usually nothing much happens. I’ll scatter them in my garden or forget about them and put them through the wash. When I remember to plant them, often times nothing germinates. But sometimes they actually come up, as these guys did. Which gave me an idea.

Announcing the first-ever Plantgasm Guess The Seed Competition! If you can correctly guess the species of plant growing here, you win! Here’s what I can tell you about these seeds:

That’s all I can tell you because that’s all I know! The plant seems to be growing like gangbusters – I’ve got it indoors under lights – so hopefully I can keep it alive long enough to find out what it is.

To participate, just leave your guess in the comments. I’ll name the winner as soon as I can confirm the ID, which could be weeks. Winners will receive the respect and admiration of their peers, and a Plantgasm t-shirt if I ever make any.

Ready, set, go!

Guess The Seed

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12 Responses

morning glory! but what color were the blossoms?

Posted by mary on 6 March 2011 @ 12pm

I will say morning glory.

Posted by paintergirl on 6 March 2011 @ 12pm

Those look a lot like Morning Glory cotyledons. Narrowing down the species is pretty tough so I’ll guess Ipomoea purpurea, the Common Morning Glory.

Posted by Jay Tennier on 6 March 2011 @ 12pm

Everyone else has already guessed the plant, but I wanted to say: Collecting seeds is completely reasonable behavior! I do the same thing. My father usually carried in his pockets a pocketknife, plastic bags and rubber bands, for taking cuttings of any interesting plant he happened upon. I think he usually asked permission first…

Posted by Alex on 6 March 2011 @ 12pm

Mary: No clue about the flowers – the seeds were collected in winter.

Good guesses, y’all! I can’t confirm the plant until I see the true leaves, but I have to admit that chances are good it’s Morning Glory. Next time I’ll have to pick something even more challenging.

Still! There’s a chance to guess the specific species, so keep going!

Posted by Derek Powazek on 6 March 2011 @ 1pm

I collect seeds that way as well, sounds normal to me. Seems peeps know this already, but not sure if we have Morning Glories in New Zealand. :) Cheers!

Posted by Haunani Pao on 6 March 2011 @ 2pm

Dang it! A bunch of people beat me to it. Morning Glory all the way.

Posted by Gayla on 6 March 2011 @ 6pm

Yes, but which Morning Glory?

Posted by Derek Powazek on 6 March 2011 @ 7pm

2mm seems a little small for a classic Morning Glory seed, though those are obviously the right sort of cotyledon, though smaller and blunter than an Ipomoea tricolor. I would guess Pharbitis nil which has now gone back to being called Ipomoea nil.

Not stealing, animal mediated dispersal provoked by the qualities of the plant. The plants made me do it!

Posted by Pat on 6 March 2011 @ 8pm

Looks like my Scarlet O’Hara Morning Glory seedlings I planted last year…

Posted by Chrissy on 7 March 2011 @ 5am

Perhaps it is Nasturtium.

Posted by Morris on 7 March 2011 @ 11am

They appear to be Ipomea sp., however, I know that Ipomea purpea and Ipomean alba (the only two that I have grown) have large seeds and seed pods.However, I don’t think that it is Ipomea alba as these seeds are not black. Could be bindweed? Hopefully not though…

Posted by Laura on 19 March 2011 @ 12pm


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