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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Garden Links for 18 March 2011

alocasiaWe read the botanical web so you don’t have to.

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3 Responses

Dude, you gotta get that monster potato thing out of there. You could host a “Ripping Out Party”. Free food and beer in exchange for some quality time hacking the monster out of there. Matti’s ripped one out before, and it was ugly. Thanks for the shout out!

Posted by Megan on 18 March 2011 @ 9am

I have been wanting to do the ginger thing too. I have some that has sprouted. I bought some fresh sage a couple of months ago and kept it in a glass of water to keep it fresh, and it’s rooted.

Posted by melissa on 18 March 2011 @ 12pm

Thanks for the links. I think I will try ginger and onion.

Posted by Bom on 20 March 2011 @ 2am


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