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Colocasia esculenta ‘Elepaio’ Bloom

Colocasia esculenta Elepaio

As if in protest to yesterday’s post about big houseplants, today I noticed one of the small ones flowering. Colocasia esculenta ‘Elepaio’ is an elephant ear, too, but smaller and much more delicate. His name, Elepaio, is a small Hawaiian bird. His leaves are wonderfully variegated (see below) and he makes nice little clumps. His flower looks like his giant cousin’s, but much smaller. This one’s about two inches tall.

elepaio leaf

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5 Responses

it reminds me of a long, thin sweet pepper. I’d be tempted to eat it.

Posted by melissa on 22 March 2011 @ 8pm

Melissa: It may look tasty, but I bet it would taste awful, and besides, it’s poisonous so definitely do not try it at home.

Posted by Derek on 22 March 2011 @ 9pm

oh, I wouldn’t really do it. but in my imagination it would totally work, like Amélie imagining that record albums are made like crepes.

Posted by melissa on 23 March 2011 @ 8pm

I just bought taro/eddoe root to grow alocasia esculenta (I went the grocery route as an experiement). Is colocasia esculenta the same thing?

Posted by ellieT on 19 April 2011 @ 1pm

ellieT: Nice! Taro is usually some form of Colocasia, but it varies. The Elepaio variety is much smaller than the farmed Taro can become. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

Posted by Derek on 19 April 2011 @ 1pm


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