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Can You Grow an Everything Bagel?

I’ve always wondered if the seeds you find on an everything bagel were still viable. So I decided to find out.

everything bagel

Heather got me the bagel at Safeway. No, Safeway isn’t known for its bagels, but that’s not the point of this experiment. I scraped all of the toppings into a pot of soil, sprinkled some soil on top, watered it, and set it on a windowsill. Amongst the toppings, I saw what I thought was sunflower, rye, poppy, and sesame seeds.

Will they grow? I’ll let you know.

Update: I’ve tried this experiment twice now and the only thing I grew was mold. I’m ready to call this one.

Verdict: Nope, the seeds on a bagel can’t be grown.

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3 Responses

The poppy seeds, unless they have been baked, will for sure sprout.

Posted by N on 23 March 2011 @ 1pm

hmm, I HAVE poppy seed in my spice cabinet. I wonder…

Posted by melissa on 23 March 2011 @ 7pm

Fun experiment. Coincidentally, I am growing black sesame this year. Cool plants. The seedlings are doing well so far.

Posted by Gayla on 27 March 2011 @ 7pm


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