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San Francisco’s Hidden Plant Stores

succulenceMy home town is chock full of fantastic plant stores. Sloat has an enormous variety that will meet almost every gardening need. And Flora Grubb can’t be beat for glorious, awe-inspiring, botanical inspiration.

But San Francisco is also blessed with many small, hard-to-find, plant oases – shops tucked away from plain view, hidden in backyards like secret handshakes. If you’re a local, chances are you’ve stood right in front of one of these hidden gems and just didn’t know it was there. And if you’re visiting, don’t miss these shops for a taste of botanical San Francisco.

What are the hidden plant stores in your neighborhood?

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2 Responses

Don’t forget about Paxton Gate (just stopped by today for the first time in months)!

Posted by Megan on 25 March 2011 @ 8pm

In my hood, there’s Ace Hardware / Pedro Point Pacifica. You can pick up some plants at 1/2 off when its the off season and they have pretty good selection. And, you can always walk to the beach before or after your plant shopping!

If you need basic landscape plants, there’s a hole in the wall nursery in Daly City: Gomez Nursery, behind the Bank of America. Outside my not look like much, but there’s quite a few basic landscape plants out in the back. The lot is bigger than what you expect when you first see it from the front. It is cash only, but you can find some good deals at no tax and you can also special order plants as well for some really good prices.

Posted by Rob on 27 March 2011 @ 11am


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