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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

A Visit to SarraceniaDude Gardens

The second best thing* about growing plants is getting to know other people with the same passion. Today I visited Rob Co’s amazing garden in Pacifica. Rob is the author of The Pitcher Plant Project and tweets as @SarraceniaDude. He’s one of my Garden Heroes not just because he knows everything there is to know about carnivorous plants, but because he’s so humble and nice and encouraging to everyone who’s interested in them, too.

I took a few photos during our visit, which you can see here. I would have taken a lot more except I kept getting distracted by all the wonderful botanical craziness happening all around me.

Thanks, Rob, for sharing your garden with me today, for giving me a few plants to take home, and for just blowing my mind about what we can grow here in the Bay Area.

* The first best thing is growing plants.

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1 Response

incredible. those last few shots of the whole garden blew my mind.

Posted by melissa on 3 April 2011 @ 8am


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