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Updates from Gasmstan*

Just a couple updates on Plantgasm projects.


In February I wrote The Story of My Dracaena fragrans, which culminated in (spoiler alert) me chopping him down for a second time. This time I made many cuttings and planted them in a variety of media. The cuttings in soil haven’t budged yet, but the ones in water are already sprouting. Fred lives!


In January, I wrote Let Your Amaryllis Seed and attempted to fertilize my big red Amaryllis. It didn’t work. But I tried again with The Magnificent and Surprising Amaryllis Chico and it worked! Today the pods exploded with seeds.

* I sincerely apologize for coining the word “gasmstan” which is not any better than the previously used “gasmsphere” or “gasmland” and promise never to use it again. Probably.

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this is awesome news for me! My dracaena is taller than I, but not hitting the ceiling yet… I can’t wait for mine to bloom (hopefully that’s a possibility in Toronto)

Posted by ellieT on 7 April 2011 @ 8am


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