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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Pogo’s Mom’s Garden

Pogo, aka Nick Bertke, is an amazing music/video artist. This song/video is comprised of clips of him and his mother in her garden (in what I think is New Zealand). It’s absolutely breathtaking and a great encapsulation of the love of gardening. Plus, pretty plant pictures! You can even buy the track here. This is going to be the soundtrack to my weekend.

(Thanks to Julie for sending me the link.)

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3 Responses

Love the video! The sound, the rhythm and the plants…oh and the mom’s smile says it all!

Posted by Mary Ellen Gambutti on 23 April 2011 @ 9am

That was AWESOME! I saw some succulents in great garden. She is one busy lady. It is really amazing what young people can do with cameras, video and sound. It really did make me want to run outside and dance in my garden!

Posted by Candy Suter on 26 April 2011 @ 12am

That was amazing! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could do something similar but alas I do not have a single creative bone in my body.

Posted by Bom on 26 April 2011 @ 4pm


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