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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Friends with Seeds are Friends Indeed

I love plants. People who also love plants? Turns out, they’re pretty good, too.

When one of my fellow International Aroid Society members* had an Anthurium pallidiflorum bloom and produce seeds, he offered them to the rest of the group. Of course I asked for some. And a few days later, they arrived.

Like my Alocasia odora, Anthurium seeds are only viable for a short time, so I washed them and put them into damp sphagnum moss immediately. Here’s what they look like today.

anthurium seedlings

Friend of Plantgasm and fellow Aroider Zach DuFran also got some and they’re sprouting, too. If our plants thrive, they’ll someday look something like these.

I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that people who make a hobby of nurturing plants would turn out to be generous with each other. But after a career dealing with people who get on the internet and become lunatics, I’m always so pleased to find signs of intelligent life on the web … and in my mailbox.

* Thanks, Albert!

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3 Responses

Looking good, Derek. I hope ours one day become as mature as the ones on flickr. Those are awesome!

Posted by Zach on 12 May 2011 @ 2pm

Neat-o, Derek! I haven’t grown many houseplants from seed but I am about to start some Clivia given to me by a local breeder. I’m excited! I have several of her hybrid plants (she gets seed from Japan), one of which is a soft yellow. But I don’t have any of those really fancy-pants colors or forms yet…

Posted by kate on 12 May 2011 @ 9pm

I received some of these from Albert too. It was almost like they couldn’t wait to pop out of the seed and are growing great.

Posted by Danny Ellis on 28 May 2011 @ 6pm


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