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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Updates from Gasmville*

A few updates from Plantgasm Gardens.

* I sincerely apologize for coining the word “gasmville” which is not any better than the previously used “gasmstan,” “gasmsphere,” and “gasmland” and promise never to use it again. Probably.

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about the bagel – not that I’ve made any – but do the toppings get baked with the bread? that may keep them from sprouting – a cooked sesame or poppyseed, in my logic, is dead
but I don’t know much about bagels, maybe the toppings go on after?

Posted by ellieT on 13 May 2011 @ 12pm

Ellie: Yeah, I think you’re right, but that’s exactly what I’m testing. A negative result is still a result!

Posted by Derek on 13 May 2011 @ 12pm

So, are you going to plant your Pinellia seeds and start an army of dragons?

If you wanted to inhibit the mold growth and see if the seeds will do anything, you can spray a mixture of water and some apple cider vinegar on the soil. It will kill the mold.

Eagerly awaiting your Thailand posts!

Posted by Zach on 13 May 2011 @ 1pm

The title of your blog (not to mention your post) should already be indicative of plant sex, right?

Posted by Bom on 15 May 2011 @ 12am


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