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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Everything’s Blooming at the Conservatory

I’ve written about the Conservatory of Flowers before. It’s San Francisco’s botanical crown jewel. But even if you’ve been before, it’s time for another visit. Spring has sprung and the conservatory has exploded in multicolored exotic blooms. Here are some photos from my recent visit. Even the magnificent Philodendron speciosum (the giant plant that’s grown to the ceiling in the main dome) is flowering. I wish I could have gotten a better look at its purple inflorescences, but that would have required a ladder. Or a helicopter.

The other reason to visit now is the special exhibition. Wicked Plants, based on Amy Stewart’s book of the same name, has living examples of dangerous plants and vivid descriptions of what they’ll do to you if you chew on them. I guarantee you’ll never look at that innocent houseplant the same way again.

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2 Responses

Some wonderful blooms there. I hope to get to see that conservatory in person some day.

Posted by MrBrownThumb on 20 May 2011 @ 9pm


i’m sure i’ve said this before, but i love your logo image.

Posted by Dirty Girl Gardening on 27 May 2011 @ 11am


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