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Beautiful, Modern Planter Idea from Thailand

thailand planterWhen I was in Thailand, I saw a lot of creative planters. There were vertical walls of plants, elaborate ceramic water gardens, and epiphytes attached to trees with nothing more than a piece of twine.

But the one I still think about today was in the Bangkok Police Station (long story*). I really enjoyed the modern porcelain enclosure and unusual watering system. The elaborate design of the container used to grow the lowly Pothos (aka Epipremnum, a typical office plant) seemed designed to play with our botanical expectations. It was truly a work of art.

Click here to see the whole piece.

* Okay, it’s not a long story – I was just there to use the facilities. You have to drink a lot of water in a place that hot.

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5 Responses

Well, at least they’ll never suffer from drying out…

Posted by phyte club katie on 7 June 2011 @ 10pm

pardon me – I’m sure everything you saw really was lovely, but this reminds me of a urinal. pothos in a urinal.

Posted by ellieT on 8 June 2011 @ 5am

I *thought* it was what I thought it was, but thank you for allowing us to figure it out! Heheheh! oddly enough – that *is* a good idea! Except pray that noone does, in fact, relieve themselves on the pothos.

Posted by Donna B. on 8 June 2011 @ 7am

Ellie: Psst: Click here to see the whole piece.

Posted by Derek on 8 June 2011 @ 10am

Well, I guess that pothos will never suffer from a lack of water OR nitrogen …

Posted by Dirt Gently on 9 June 2011 @ 4pm


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