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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Say Hello to My Little Friends

May was unusually cold and rainy, even by San Francisco standards, so the tomato plants in the back yard veggie garden have barely budged since they went in, but the salad mix has just exploded. The lettuce, mustard greens, spinach, and even the carrots have all gone crazy in the last week. I was so happy to see it, I made this dorky video.

This year I direct-sewed the salad mix seeds in the garden and it’s worked great. The only thing I’d do differently is to plant in stages. I put all these seeds in the ground at once, which means I’ve got a lot of salad to eat right now. Next time I’ll plant a bit once a week, so it’s ready in stages, and I’ll feel less pressure to eat like a rabbit every meal.

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4 Responses

I am really loving your new blog. Having followed you since last century, it’s really neat to see how you’ve grown.

Consequently this year, my hand sprouted a green thumb and I have really been enjoying being outside and gardening. I never did before. Eating what I grow is even better than wearing what I knit. Reading your adventures and feasting on your beautiful photos has been a treat.

I am also growing carrots…can I get a close up of yours. This is the first time and I am nervous about “doing it” right.

Posted by Birdy on 8 June 2011 @ 8pm

Thanks, Birdy!

This is my first time doing carrots, too. I sewed the seeds directly into the garden and haven’t pulled one out yet. I think the greens have to get much taller before the carrots are viable. I have low expectations because my vegetable garden is only one foot deep.

Posted by Derek on 9 June 2011 @ 12pm

As with your salad Derek, so goes my bok choy. So many heads are already starting to bolt with the sudden mini heat wave these last couple of days in Montreal!

I think your carrots will be fine with only a foot of depth. At least, I’ve been told that containers as shallow as 10″ are fine for varieties with round or shorter roots.

What varieties did you all plant?

Posted by Dirt Gently on 9 June 2011 @ 4pm

Been following your blog for a few months now! Something that always draws me back is the fact that you seem so passionate and full of love for our plant friends. Also, I live in Oakland, in a highly urban area with very little sunlight and no soil; I am living vicariously through your blog. (Not really, but I am jealous of your harvest! (you can always share if you have too much!!))

Posted by Rameen on 11 June 2011 @ 1pm


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