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June Bloom Day

I seem to always forget about Bloom Day until it’s too late, but not today! Since it’s the 15th, here’s what’s in bloom in Plantgasm Gardens today.

Snap peas

The snap pea vines in the back yard have just started to flower. We are going to have a lot of peas this year.

Anthurium crystallinum

My favorite Anthurium (the one from this timelapse video), has bloomed for the first time. This species is all about the foliage, not the blooms, but I’m still happy to see him thrive.

Hitchhiker Begonia

This little Begonia popped up in the pot of another plant (a Dorstenia elata that I got from Rob). I don’t grow many Begonias, and I can only remember one blooming once, so I don’t think he came from one of my plants. Maybe he was in the soil all along? The funny part is, by the time I noticed him, he already had a tiny cluster of flowers.


This Echeveria ‘Bella’ has been blooming for weeks, but when I went to take this photo today, I found he had a little friend! These Echeveria flowers seem to be magnets for aphids, which means now they’re being frequented by Ladybugs, too. Eat up, ladies!

You can see a few more June blooms from around the house in this Flickr set. What’s blooming in your garden?

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1 Response

Really like the color of your Echeveria ‘Bella’ blooms – and they’ve lasted for months. Can’t go wrong with that combo! Happy GBBD.

Posted by RBell on 16 June 2011 @ 1pm


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