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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

They Are Hugging


I grew carrots for the first time this year and wasn’t sure how they’d do. So, I have to admit, I sewed the seed into the garden bed a little thick, and I never bothered to thin them out. As a result, the carrots aren’t exactly pretty. Still, they’re tasty. And this pair came out looking especially fond of each other.

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2 Responses

I’ve always read that dire warning about how you should thin out your carrot seedlings at the risk of horrible consequences beyond description. That doesn’t look bad at all though. Looks pretty sweet.

Posted by Steve Asbell on 31 July 2011 @ 7pm

adorable nonetheless! I’m also trying carrots for the first time this year and I put them in a spot that’s really hard for me to monitor, so it’s gonna be a full on surprise when I decide to pull them out

Posted by ellieT on 2 August 2011 @ 9am


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