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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Canna Bloom Timelapse

Beware of friends bearing bulbs! When my buddy Rob said he had a “few extra Canna bulbs” and offered me some, I said yes, of course. Little did I know I’d be going home with a huge box of them! There wasn’t enough space to plant them in my yard (until I remove some stuff, anyway), so they went into pots. Since then, they’ve sprung up with a vengeance. Here’s the first to flower.

This video is about two weeks, one shot every 10 minutes during daylight. It’s not quite in focus, but it’s still interesting. If you look closely, you can see life go on in the background: cats, dogs, grilling, and me wandering around in the back yard as I do.

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4 Responses

How very cool. Thanks for that :) A friend of mine keeps promising me Cannas from his father’s garden; this has me even more excited to receive them this fall.

Posted by Laura, long-time lurker, first-time commentator on 16 August 2011 @ 8am

it looks like the intro to a freaky horror movie! very cool! all you need is a bloody head to roll through the back ground and you have some fine cinematography on your hands!

Posted by dirty girl gardening on 16 August 2011 @ 8am

Sweet! I love love LOVE your time-lapses! Hey, It could of been a lot worse. I could of dumped a whole car load of Gunnera on you. :) Heh heh heh…

Posted by Rob on 16 August 2011 @ 12pm

Rob: Thank you so much for the Canna! I really love them. I was just out in the garden and noticed lots more flowers coming. And wouldn’t it be fun to grow a Gunnera forrest? Someday.

Posted by Derek on 16 August 2011 @ 12pm


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