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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Use Giant Leaves Instead of Flowers in Displays

Sure, fresh cut flowers are a nice way to spruce up a room, but why not use some beautiful leaves instead?

alocasia leaves

I had to trim three leaves off of the giant Alocasia calidora in my office because they were hogging all the light. They were each about three feet long. The shadow they cast was causing some of the smaller plants to suffer, so off they went. (Here’s a photo of the newly brightened space.)

The leaves still looked pretty nice, so instead of just tossing them, I cut the stems to three different lengths and made this nice display for the living room.

Thanks to Steve Asbell for the inspiration.

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We regularly use Philodendron selloum for a corner each of the living room and dining room. The leaves really add dimension to the empty corners.


Indoor foliage. They last for weeks, too.

Posted by Bom on 30 August 2011 @ 8am


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