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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Tomato, Interrupted

I had the PlantCam on this guy for almost two months, hoping to make a timelapse from tiny fruitlet to red tomato. But, alas, he fell off before ripening. I blame the wind, which you can see whipping the plant around every afternoon. That, and my yard just isn’t the right place for tomatoes. Not enough heat and light, too much cold and fog. This is my second year trying and it may be my last.

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2 Responses

Bummer! Today I’m thankful for my Iowa growing conditions which gave me a bowl full of tomatoes.

Posted by Cat on 12 September 2011 @ 8am

I feel your pain. There is a large black walnut in my neighbor’s yard and three good-sized eastern white pines in our front yard, so there’s nowhere we can grow tomatoes in the ground. I resort to pots, but we’re hippie types who like heirloom varieties and are leery of GMO or hybridized tomatoes, and unfortunately after two seasons I’ve discovered most heirlooms don’t seem to do very well in pots.

My next-door neighbor, whose yard is also within the black walnut radius of death, has no problem growing tons of cherry and other varieties in his pots.

Posted by Treelock on 23 September 2011 @ 10pm


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