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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

My First Apple

Back in January, when I planted a Braeburn apple tree, I had no expectation of getting any fruit this year. But she bloomed a few months ago, and a handful of apples have been growing ever since. I couldn’t wait much longer, so I harvested the first one.

I’d like to say that victory was sweet, but it was actually pretty tart. I’m going to leave the others on the tree to ripen for a while longer. Still, it was a thrill to actually eat an apple I grew myself. And, yes, I ate every dense bite of it.

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1 Response

Woo Hoo!!! How exciting!!! To eat an apple without any
pesticides and unknown funky stuff!! Chemical free the way it’s supposed to be!! ;)

Posted by Roberta on 14 September 2011 @ 12am


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