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Planting Plant Pillows for Plantbombing (Phew!)

Heather’s posted a followup to our plantbombing posts with a second type of plant pocket, which we’re calling “plant pillows.” Theses are different because the soil is entirely enclosed in a knit pillow. Instead of planting in the open top, you insert cuttings through the knitting and they root inside. Here’s how.

pillow photos 1-4

1. Heather holding the completed pillow, with soil sewn inside.

2. Our victim. To be honest, I don’t know exactly what kind of succulent he is – probably some kind of Aeonium. (Do you know? Please let me know.) He’s perfect for this because his stems are long and thin. I cut a few off, about 2-3 inches long.

3. The freshly cut stems take a dip in rooting powder. This isn’t required, but it seems to help roots develop faster.

4. Gently – gently! – poke the stem through the pillow and into the soil inside. The most important thing is not to damage the rosette. Remember you can scrunch up the pillow to clear the way for the stem.

pillow photos 5-8

5. Place a few more cuttings. Whatever you think looks good.

6. Ta-dah!

7. Rinse off any excess soil and dampen the soil inside.

8. Let the pillow sit for a while horizontally for the cuttings to root. Hang when ready.

That’s it! If you’d like to give it a try, visit Heather’s knitting instructions.

Photos by Heather Champ.

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4 Responses

I am going to have to try this! I love another use for scrap yarn–even more so when plants are involved!

Posted by Lisa Gutierrez on 11 September 2011 @ 9pm

Dude, I just saw your pillows on a cool site…think it was Craft…one of my faves. Gorgeous design. Matti

Posted by Matti on 13 September 2011 @ 10am

I love this idea. Do more, make more, leave more, please!!! Maybe I’ll try something like this in Albuquerque. The succulents would be fine. My knitting skills, not so much. But it’s definitely an inspiring idea!

Posted by Liza (Good To Grow) on 13 September 2011 @ 10pm

Based on my experience with aeonium, the stalk appears to be too spindly to be an aeonium. Even during drought/lack of water, the stem is about the size of a pencil at its thinnest. Without being able to see the thickness of the leaves, my best guess, based on their rosette appearance: some type of echieverria.

BTW … writing this during a break from plant pillow knitting. Haven’t tried succulents since moving and being forced to leave my collection behind. We shall see.

Posted by ldpaulson on 20 September 2011 @ 11am


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