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Anthurium pallidiflorum Update

Back in May I received some Anthurium pallidiflorum seeds. Like many aroids, the seeds are contained in fruit, and need to stay damp in order to germinate. I quickly washed them and planted them in Sphagnum moss. They’ve been growing slowly for the past few months. A few weeks ago I took a risk and moved them to separate containers.

Anthurium pallidiflorum

This is the largest of the seedlings in his new wood basket. His largest leaf is only the size of a dime. He’s still in Sphagnum, but he’s been upgraded to a Cedar basket. In nature, Anthurium are epiphytes. The wood basket and moss he’s growing in here mimics the environment where seeds like this grow. Eventually, hopefully, I’ll hang him so his long, thin leaves can cascade down.

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1 Response

Looking gorgeous. Love your patience and dedication to your seedling babies. Gonna look awesome hanging. Matti

Posted by Matti on 11 October 2011 @ 7am


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