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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

It’s Still Slipper Season

Last month when I wrote about Slipper Season, one of the three Paphiopedilum flowers had not yet opened. Since it’s one of my favorites, here’s a special update.

This plant’s name is Alma Gavaert ‘Hagers’ x (Oriental Mystique x Enchanted Orient), which means it’s a hybrid of a hybrid. I’m amazed that anyone can keep names like this straight.

There’s just something about green and white flowers. I love them.

The orange dots in the photo above are the pollen balls, ready to stick to an insect of just the right size.

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1 Response

Beautiful! I absolutely love the color. When I first saw the preview of the picture, I thought it was some kind of carnivorous plant.

Posted by Amy (Get Busy Gardening) on 6 December 2011 @ 3pm


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