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Exotic Star Bloom

After a couple weeks of working on the flower spike, this Amaryllis (Hippeastrum “Exotic Star”) opened up its first bloom in just two days. It’s a stunner.

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2 Responses

Hey Derek,

Not to be a pain, but this is not Hippeastrum “Aphrodite”. This is “Exotic Star” which is a more valuable bulb and in my opinion a more beautiful cultivar. Thought I would share because Hippeastrum is one of my addictions.

Posted by Jason Sarine on 9 December 2011 @ 9pm

Jason – Oh, thanks! That’s what I get for labeling after potting. I got both “Exotic Star” and “Aphrodite” and mixed them up. Thanks for the correction. I updated the post.

Posted by Derek on 9 December 2011 @ 11pm


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