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First Titan Spike

Amorphophallus titanum

Last month, in Hot and Wet for Betty’s Berries, I talked about planting Amorphophallus titanum seeds. It’s been about five weeks, but the first one has finally broken ground and is growing fast. Very exciting.

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3 Responses

Congratulations on your titanette! Titanling? Titanicule? Anyway, a titanic achievement.

Posted by Pat on 13 December 2011 @ 10am

Wowie!!! Exciting is right!! I always visit the one at the Huntington Botanical Gardens when it’s in Pepe La Pew season! I have always been in awe of this Dr. Seuss looking plant :)I met a man from Java who told me that they grow all over the jungle over there and
when it is their time to bloom the smell is so intense as can be imagined!La Pew!!I have been following this post and I am so stoked to see this
progress!Thanks so much for sharing & I hope you will
continue to share till it blooms & stinks!lol :D
P.S.Buddy can you spare a seed? ;)

Posted by Roberta on 13 December 2011 @ 12pm

That’s incredible. Congrats! How much fun is that! I’d love to have a specimen to grow on in the greenhouse and hopefully see bloom one day. We can dream right.

Posted by Nat on 19 December 2011 @ 1am


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