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Vacation Tips for Houseplants

pothosIt’s the end of December, which means vacation time! If you’re a keeper of an indoor garden, here are a few tips for how to make sure your plants will still be healthy and happy when you get home.

The following is good advice for most indoor houseplants that you’d be worried about if you’re going to be gone for a week or more. Mostly this is all about maintaining soil moisture for as long as possible, so it doesn’t apply to succulents or other dry soil lovers.

The tips above are things you could do right now if you were leaving town tomorrow. But if you have a few days to prepare, another good tip is to repot the plant in a bigger pot. The more soil in the pot, the longer it’ll stay wet, the less you need to water. In general, if you find you have to water a plant more than once a week, it probably needs to be repotted anyway. You could also try a Lechuza self-watering planter. The plants I’ve got in them only need to be watered once a month. But be aware that it takes at least two months for plants to grow into them, so that’s more about preparing for next season.


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