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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Two Titans

Two and a half months since I first received Betty’s Berries, the first Titan Arum now has a little friend.


Here you can see what the leaf looks like before and after it unfurls. (Cool, huh?)

So of the eight Amorphophallus titanum seeds I planted, one rotted, two are growing, and the others are still somewhere in between.

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2 Responses

Jealous jealous jealous! Looking forward to continuing to watch these guys grow!

Posted by Kenneth Moore on 21 January 2012 @ 5pm

If you ever want to trade off an extra corm, please consider me waiting in line at 6:00am in the rain. I managed to negotiate a heated greenhouse this winter with tall ceilings and would like to give a crack at the titan arum. So cool, I’ve been following your progress.

Of course I understand if you want to keep them all, they are incredibly cool, just throwing it out there.

Excellent photo btw!

Posted by Nat on 24 January 2012 @ 6pm


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