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Phalaenopsis Seed Pod Opened

Phalaenopsis Seed Pod Open

Eight months after I said I Think I Impregnated My Phalaenopsis, the pod has finally opened. Sometime last night, the pod popped open, scattering tiny seeds on the leaves below.

Phalaenopsis Seeds

Amazingly, even while making seeds, the plant is also in bud. This is one tough plant.


So what next? I’m going to send the seeds off to a lab for flasking. If it all works, I should have a flask full of babies in a year or so.

If nothing else, orchids are a great lesson in patience.

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8 Responses

What, pray tell, is “flasking?”

Posted by Fern @ Life on the Balcony on 1 March 2012 @ 1pm

Hey Fern! Briefly: Orchid seeds won’t grow in captivity, so the only way to germinate them is in a sterile flask. I’ll write more about the process as I go. More here:

Posted by Derek on 1 March 2012 @ 1pm

Good luck with the flasking. Hundreds of thousands of potential interesting new orchids.

Posted by Pat on 1 March 2012 @ 4pm

I have luck with ‘Poor-man Orchids’ they are all happily outside and constantly go through the pod stage and open-up with all their tiny seeds flying everywhere! So I have plants growing all around the yard. I realize that these plants are apples and oranges. But I’m surprised that you don’t try to germinate some seeds yourself.(With your luck) As well as flasking. I know that they are Reed-Epidendrum but they should call them Weed-Epidendrum because they are so prolific and self seed so freely!

Posted by Roberta on 1 March 2012 @ 6pm

Will you be selling any of the flasks you produce from this orchid?

Posted by Jo on 14 March 2012 @ 10am

Interesting idea. I may! Let’s see if they work first. Stay tuned!

Posted by Derek on 14 March 2012 @ 2pm

I’m pretty new to the orchid addiction (as my friends call it)… I’d just be happy if I could coax one of my orchids to bloom again. They’re all putting out new leaves and new roots, and my oncidium even put up a spike, but no blooms.

I didn’t know about flasking until I read one of your previous posts, and promptly went to ebay to see if I could find any for sale there. I’m sorely tempted to purchase one, but I’ve held off so far. I’ll continue keeping an eye on your blog, though!

Posted by Jo on 15 March 2012 @ 8am

I just discovered your site, and you’ve inspired me to try my hand at orchids once again! Thanks for documenting all of your orchid experiences; I’m definitely going to refer back here at least a few times when I decide to start up with orchids again.

Posted by Jocelyn from the Garden Corner on 25 March 2012 @ 7am


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