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Tiny Orchid Flowers

A lovely selection of tiny orchids are currently blooming in Plantgasm Gardens (aka my house). The flowers below are each smaller than a US dime.

tiny flowers

On the left is Ludisia discolor, a “Jewel Orchid,” grown more to enjoy the leaves than the blooms, which you can’t see in this photo because the flower stalk grew so tall, but trust me they’re pretty.

On the right is Dendrobium kingianum which, in addition to being a micro-beauty, also has a sweet smell.

The larger my orchid collection grows, the more I appreciate the small ones.

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A few years ago I went to Colombia to meet Juan Valdez and got to walk the preserved grounds of the Comite de Cafeteros de Caldas in Manizales and their orchid garden. They had trees with the tiniest orchids hanging over head. I wish I had a photo of them because finding one was such a nice surprise every. single. time. This post has a few images of the Monkey Orchid and Dracula Orchid, plus Cattleya, their national flower.

I’m really enjoying your plant site, Derek. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Leah Peterson on 6 March 2012 @ 8pm


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