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The Orchid Cupid Strikes Again

Since the Phalaenopsis Impregnation Saga has been going so well, I decided to try my hand at pollinating another orchid. This time I crossed two small Dendrobium and it looks like it worked! Check out the swollen stem on the flower at the bottom.

Dendrobium seed pod forming

The plant in this photo is a Dendrobium kingianum, a small Australian orchid (previously mentioned here). The pollen came from a Dendrobium I picked up at the Pacific Orchid Expo from H&R Orchids that goes by the name “Micro Chip” and is a hybrid between two New Guinea Dendrobium: D. aberrans and D. normanbyense. So, if this pod produces offspring, it’ll be a hybrid of a hybrid.

UPDATE: 31 March 2012: I spoke to soon! The nascent pod fell off. I’ll have to try again.

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2 Responses

So San Fran of you to create a hybrid of a hybrid! :) can’t wait to see how it comes out… What will you name it???

Posted by Dirty girl gardening on 25 March 2012 @ 8pm


(I wanted to just comment a frowny face – but it won’t let me… so I’m adding this extra text. Let us know when the orchid takes)


Posted by Dirty Girl Gardening on 28 April 2012 @ 4pm


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