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A Dendrobium Seed Pod and the Long Chain of Ifs

Dendrobium Seed Pod

Dendrobium Seed PodBack in March, I happened to have two Dendrobium orchids in bloom at the same time and decided to try and cross them. After one false start, I got a pod. This week the pod opened! Unlike the Phalaenopsis pod which took nine months, this one took only two.

In the photo above, you can see me collecting the seed as it drops into a paper towel. In the photo on the right, you can see a closeup of the open pod. That tiny fluff is just the packaging – the seeds are too tiny to be visible to the naked eye.

Like the Phalaenopsis pod, I’m going to send it off to Troy Meyers for flasking. The pod’s parent plant is Dendrobium kingianum, and the pollen is from D. “Micro Chip,” a named hybrid I got at the last Pacific Orchid Expo. They’re both small orchids with sprays of little flowers.

Now we enter the “long chain of ifs.” If the seeds have viable embryos, and if Troy Meyers is able to grow them in a flask, and if I’m able to transition them to pots, and if I’m able to grow them happily for a few years, then finally we may get to see what the resulting flowers look like.

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1 Response

So very fascinating! I love reading about these adventures crossing plants. I loved genetics when I studied it in school. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Posted by Jenetta on 23 May 2012 @ 2pm


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