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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

A Repotting Lesson from a Philodendron Cutting

Last year, my friend Leland sent me a cutting of Philodendron pinnatifidum x melinonii from his yard. The photo on the left below shows what it looked like when I received it. It was just a few inches wide. I planted it in a 5 inch pot.

By December, it had rooted and thrown out its first enormous leaf, which you can see in the photo below on the right. Magnificent!

Philodendron pinnatifidum x melinonii

What’s interesting (to me, anyway) is that it remained a one-leaf-wonder for months. In May, I noticed that the pot was going dry very quickly after watering. This is a good sign that the plant needed more room, so I repotted it into a gallon pot.

Philodendron pinnatifidum x melinonii

The plant immediately started putting out new leaves. It’s now up to four and I’m considering another repot soon. Lesson learned: some plants really need space below in order to thrive up top.

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