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Pollination By Post

Back in May, my friend Zach sent me some pollen from one of his Phalaenopsis orchids in the mail. I used it to pollenate one of mine that happened to be blooming.

I snapped a quick photo to remember the details. That’s the pollinia there in the plastic bag after the word “purple.”


The pollination took! Here’s the pod today.


Phalaenopsis orchid pods can take 8 months or so to mature, so we still have lots of time to wait. But if this pod produces viable seeds, the plants will be a mix of two different Phalaenopsis hybrids, both with white and purple blooms.

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2 Responses

Congrats on your pod! My experience with pollination comes from daylilies; easy peasy compared to what you’re doing. I’m curious–what, if anything, did you do to preserve pollen viability while it was in transit? How long was it between harvesting and use?

Posted by Peaches on 13 July 2012 @ 12pm

Thanks, Peaches. We didn’t do anything in particular except put it in a plastic bag. It was only a few days between harvesting and pollination.

Posted by Derek on 13 July 2012 @ 12pm


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