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Two Links Closer in the Chain of Dendrobium Ifs

Back in May, I wrote about A Dendrobium Seed Pod and the Long Chain of Ifs. Now we’re a couple links closer.

First, good news came from Troy Meyers, the flasking lab, last month. The seed embryos looked good under the microscope. Here they are, under transmitted and reflected light.

Photo by Amber Kost Photo by Amber Kost

Next, more good news from Troy Meyers, last week. The seeds have germinated! I asked for a photo and he sent me this.


It may not look like much now, but that layer of yellow blobs are all clusters of tiny, growing Dendrobium embryos. Sexy goop, eh?

So we’re two more links into the long chain of ifs. Now if they stay alive, and if they survive a reflasking or two, and if they survive the trip to me, and if I can get them transitioned to media, and if I can keep them alive another few years, and if I can get them to bloom … then we’ll finally see what the flowers look like.

Like I said, it’s a long chain of ifs, but still so exciting!

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