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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

First Bloom: Cirrhopetalum pulchellum

Cirrhopetalum pulchellum

I picked up this Cirrhopetalum pulchellum back in January from Norman’s. This is its first bloom. The flowers are much smaller than they look – the whole spread is about an inch across.

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3 Responses

beautiful. almost looks like an insect. we’ve been growing tillandsia for the last couple years. while they’re slow going it’s amazing to see it when they bloom or sprout pups. always enjoy seeing your new posts.

Posted by stephen on 19 August 2012 @ 2pm

Wow, not seen that one before. I love plants that look their best through a magnifying glass.

Posted by Pat on 24 August 2012 @ 6am

so pretty… looks like a fake eye lash! but in a good way…

Posted by Dirty Girl Gardening on 24 August 2012 @ 1pm


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