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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

A Wintertime Visit to California Carnivores

This weekend I got to visit California Carnivores in Sebastopol, CA, growing carnivorous plants since 1989. The plants were mostly dormant since it’s winter, but there was still so much beauty to be seen.

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2 Responses

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos from this amazing place. It’s intense there. Even in dormancy, there’s so much deadly adorableness to be seen. I hope you get to visit them again during the growing season!

Posted by Rob on 15 January 2013 @ 7pm

I really thought they had a carnivorous clematis before the name Heliamphora came up.

Cute carnivorous animal as well.

Posted by Pat on 26 January 2013 @ 7am


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