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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Category: Thailand

I visited Thailand in April with a group of garden writers. The trip was sponsored by the Tourism Authority, but as they say on NPR, the opinions expressed are those of the author, not the underwriter.

Orchids and Freaky Moth Sex in Chiang Mai

Orchid sex and moth sex, all in one place? Thailand is awesome.

Don’t Stop Walking in the Bangkok Night Flower Market

There was only one booth that made me stop in my tracks – the orchid booth.

Thailand: Suphattra Land Orchard

A visit to an amazing fruit orchard, and my first taste of Durian.

Beautiful, Modern Planter Idea from Thailand

I really enjoyed the modern porcelain enclosure and unusual watering system.

Thailand: The Pharmacy Garden

It was just a humble working garden created for gardeners who clearly loved it, not for tourists.

Plantgasm is Going to Thailand, Let’s Play a Game

Join me on the trip of a lifetime.


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