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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Category: Updates

Revisiting previous posts.

Two Links Closer in the Chain of Dendrobium Ifs

That layer of yellow blobs are all clusters of tiny, growing Dendrobium embryos. Sexy goop, eh?

Possible Philodendron Parent Plant

I think I found the mystery Philodendron parent plant.

The Titan Family

It’s been six months since I planted Betty’s berries and I now have a small family of amorphophallus titanum.

I Think I Impregnated My Dendrobium

Try, try again.

An Explosion of Beauty

The Geranium maderense in my back yard is putting on quite a show.

Phalaenopsis Seed Pod Opened

Sometime last night, the pod popped open, scattering tiny seeds on the leaves below.

First Titan Spike

The first Titan Arum seed has broken ground.

It’s Still Slipper Season

One of my favorite Paphiopedilum flowers ever.

Happy Halloween, You Devils

So, yeah. Devils! For Halloween! Spooky!

Queen Anthurium Revival

Three new leaves since the transplant and she even hung on the one from before.


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