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Category: Updates

Revisiting previous posts.

Anthurium pallidiflorum Update

This is the largest of the seedlings in its new wood basket.

Dracaena Reborn

I attempted to root six cuttings in water. Five rotted. One didn’t.

My First Apple

I’d like to say that victory was sweet, but it was actually pretty tart.

I Definitely Impregnated My Phalaenopsis

That’s an affirmative. Grow, pod, grow!

Say Hello to My Little Friends

The lettuce, mustard greens, spinach, and even the carrots have all gone crazy in the last week.

Alocasia odora Seedlings

Last month I posed about planting Alocasia berries. This month: seedlings!

Updates from Gasmville*

Updates on the Green Dragon, growing an everything bagel, and my new band, Swimming in Dracaena.

Updates from Gasmstan*

Updates on Amaryllis chico seeds and the Dracaena fragrans massacre.

Updates from Gasmland*

Updates on the Thailand rhizome, Amaryllis seeding, and eBay buying.

Updates from the Gasmsphere*

It’s nice to know that someone besides me is reading. Here are a few updates from Plantgasm readers.


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