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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Month: February 2011

Updates from the Gasmsphere*

It’s nice to know that someone besides me is reading. Here are a few updates from Plantgasm readers.

I Am Not A Botanist

Before you comment, I’d like to ask you to keep a few guidelines in mind.

Resurrection Plant Unfurls

It’s a desert plant that evolved to be able to withstand long periods without water, during which it curls up into a ball.

Garden Links for 24 February 2011

Amaryllis after-bloom care, generosity in gardening, Fred lives on, and snow in San Francisco in this week’s garden links.

Philodendron gloriosum is Glorious

The unfurling of a new Philodendron gloriosum leaf.

Lands End, San Francisco

Heather and I took advantage of the first sunny day in a while and visited Lands End. The plants were all stretching out with the beginnings of spring.

Paula Hayes at The Museum of Modern Art

If you’re in New York City, don’t miss Paula Hayes’ two “living artworks” in the MoMa lobby.

Anthurium with Accordions

One of the things that’s especially magic about Anthurium is how their leaves start out red and become green as they mature.

The Story of My Dracaena fragrans

It wasn’t much more than a stick with some roots, still circling an invisible pot.

Make a Lithops Planter

Lithops are South African plants that evolved to look like stones in order to avoid getting eaten by hungry herbivores.


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