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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Month: May 2011

Deflasking a Bottle Orchid

I am not crazy enough to grow orchids from seed, but I am crazy enough to try and grow them from a bottle.

Vegetable Garden Timelapse 2

Watch May fly by for my vegetable garden in under a minute.

Garden Links for 27 May 2011

We read the botanical web so you don’t have to. In this edition, priceless plant photos.

Everything’s Blooming at the Conservatory

Even if you’ve been to the Conservatory of Flowers before, it’s time for another visit.

Thailand: The Pharmacy Garden

It was just a humble working garden created for gardeners who clearly loved it, not for tourists.

Vegetable Garden Timelapse

The first 11 days of the back yard vegetable garden.

All Hail the Queen

By mounting the plant on wood with moss, I’m mimicking her natural environment.

Updates from Gasmville*

Updates on the Green Dragon, growing an everything bagel, and my new band, Swimming in Dracaena.

Friends with Seeds are Friends Indeed

I love plants. People who also love plants? Turns out, they’re pretty good, too.

Word of the Day: Dioecious

Plants that have blooms that only contain boy parts or girl parts, but not both, are dioecious.


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