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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Month: September 2011

It Takes a Village to Raise a Rhaphidophora

This is the story of my Rhaphidophora cryptantha, but it’s also about the International Aroid Society and how awesome plant people are.

A Visit to the Fairchild Botanic Garden

I love living in San Francisco, but all my favorite plants belong to the tropics.

Stunning Crinum moorei Bloom

For the last few weeks, it’s been working on a bloom, and this week the first flower opened.

Orchid Emergency

A set of Phalaenopsis visits the Plant Doctor.

Dracaena Reborn

I attempted to root six cuttings in water. Five rotted. One didn’t.

My First Apple

I’d like to say that victory was sweet, but it was actually pretty tart.

Tomato, Interrupted

A timelapse of a tomato I’ll never eat.

Planting Plant Pillows for Plantbombing (Phew!)

How to plant knitted plant pillows with succulent cuttings.

The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil’s Hand is my new favorite tree. There’s one blooming in the SF Botanical Garden right now.

The Joy of Out-of-Bloom Orchids

If you want top pick up orchids on the cheap, and you’re feeling lucky, buy them when they’re not flowering.


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