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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Tag: Bloom

Explosion in a Perfume Factory

Dude smells like an explosion in a perfume factory, especially at night.

First Bloom: Cirrhopetalum pulchellum

The whole spread is about an inch across.

Jewel Alocasia Bloom

My Alocasia melo bloomed today. I just love his adorable little polka-dotted winkie.

An Explosion of Beauty

The Geranium maderense in my back yard is putting on quite a show.

Fishsweat Timelapse

You knew I couldn’t watch that Synandrospadix vermitoxicus bloom without doing a timelapse video of it, right?

Synandrospadix vermitoxicus: If Fish Could Sweat

If fish did sweat, I now know what it would smell like.

Happy New Year

May your 2012 be full of growth and beauty.

A Big Red Boom

A five-day timelapse of a deep red Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) bloom.

Exotic Star Bloom

After a couple weeks of working on the flower spike, this Amaryllis (Hippeastrum “Exotic Star”) opened up its first bloom in just two days.

Slipper Season

It’s Paphiopedilum season in Plantgasm Gardens right now.


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