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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Tag: Conservatory of Flowers

Up Close in the Conservatory of Flowers

The lens allowed me to see the tiniest of flowers ultra close up.

Possible Philodendron Parent Plant

I think I found the mystery Philodendron parent plant.

Ontogeny: One Plant, Many Leaf Shapes

A single species can have different leaf shapes over the life of the plant.

I Love My New Philodendron rugosum

The leaves are thick and strong with a braille-like texture. They feel like old record albums.

Everything’s Blooming at the Conservatory

Even if you’ve been to the Conservatory of Flowers before, it’s time for another visit.

Gifts for Gardeners, San Francisco Edition

San Franciscans are blessed with a beautiful city and incredible plant life. Why not give the plant-lover in your life an excuse to get out of their garden?

A Visit to the SF Conservatory of Flowers

It’s been burned down, smashed up, and abandoned, but after 100 years, the crown jewel of botanical San Francisco is still thriving.


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