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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Tag: Phalaenopsis

Pollination By Post

Back in May, my friend Zach sent me some pollen from one of his Phalaenopsis orchids in the mail.

The Continuing Phalaenopsis Impregnation Saga

After a week or so, there was a fine orange dust at the bottom of the paper cone. In that teaspoon of dust were hundreds of thousands of seeds.

Phalaenopsis Seed Pod Opened

Sometime last night, the pod popped open, scattering tiny seeds on the leaves below.

Orchid Emergency

A set of Phalaenopsis visits the Plant Doctor.

I Definitely Impregnated My Phalaenopsis

That’s an affirmative. Grow, pod, grow!

I Think I Impregnated My Phalaenopsis

All orchid sex is a ménage à trois that involves strap-ons.

Repotting a Phalaenopsis Orchid

If you’ve had an orchid for a couple years and it’s still in the pot it came in, I bet you 20 bucks the roots are rotting.

Deflasking a Bottle Orchid

I am not crazy enough to grow orchids from seed, but I am crazy enough to try and grow them from a bottle.

Yes, You Can Grow Orchids

Orchids are just plants, and like all plants, all they need is a little light, water, and attention.


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