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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Tag: Seeds

Two Links Closer in the Chain of Dendrobium Ifs

That layer of yellow blobs are all clusters of tiny, growing Dendrobium embryos. Sexy goop, eh?

Pollination By Post

Back in May, my friend Zach sent me some pollen from one of his Phalaenopsis orchids in the mail.

I Think I Impregnated My Dendrobium

Try, try again.

The Orchid Cupid Strikes Again

This time I crossed two small Dendrobium and it looks like it worked!

The Continuing Phalaenopsis Impregnation Saga

After a week or so, there was a fine orange dust at the bottom of the paper cone. In that teaspoon of dust were hundreds of thousands of seeds.

Phalaenopsis Seed Pod Opened

Sometime last night, the pod popped open, scattering tiny seeds on the leaves below.

Garden Links for 20 February 2012

We read the botanical web so you don’t have to. In this edition: plants, old plants, and really old plants.

Hot and Wet for Betty’s Berries

Trying my hand at growing one of nature’s most unusual plants, the Titan Arum.

Updates from Gasmville*

Updates on the Green Dragon, growing an everything bagel, and my new band, Swimming in Dracaena.

Friends with Seeds are Friends Indeed

I love plants. People who also love plants? Turns out, they’re pretty good, too.


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